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Our Services include;


  • Providing advice about a BAS Provision (A BAS Provision includes GST Law, Wine Equalisation Tax Law, Luxury Car Tax Law, Fuel Tax Law, Fringe Benefits Tax Law, PAYG (Pay As You Go) Withholding and PAYG Instalments). This includes interpreting any of these provisions in relation to your accounts.

  • Preparing and/or lodging your Business Activity Statements, Instalment Activity Statements and Employee Payment Summaries.

  • Preparing and/or lodging your Taxable Payments Annual Report (for those working in the building and construction industry)

  • Reviewing your software data file (including making any amendments) and preparing reports which will be used to complete various tax forms either by ourselves, you and/or your accountant.

  • Processing and reporting your employees’ superannuation obligations including Reportable Employer Super Contributions. Processing the superannuation guarantee charge on behalf of employers.

  • Preparing year-end reports based on your accounts which you and/or your accountant will use to satisfy your year-end tax liabilities and obligations.

  • Reconciling data relating to a BAS Provision (see above) to determine the figures which will be used in your Activity Statement/s.

  • Contacting the Commissioner of Taxation (i.e. the ATO) on your behalf in relation to a BAS Provision.

  • Installing software and setting up tax codes in your Chart of Accounts. This includes training you to how to apply these tax codes when using your software.

  • Coding tax invoices and entering this information into your chosen accounting software.

  • Preparing payroll for your employees including determining withholding obligations, deductions and entitlements; this also includes preparing employees’ payment summaries at the close of the financial year and sending the Payment Summary Statement to the ATO on your behalf.

  • Setting up or designing your Tax Invoice and/or Adjustment Note templates that you will use to raise sales or credit invoices for your customers.

  • Configuring the BAS report in your software which you can use to prepare a draft BAS that you may lodge with the ATO (if we do not lodge on your behalf).

  • Producing a full set of financial reports as required including Budgets/Forecasts.

  • and much more!


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